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Let’s talk about how silly Rand Paul is making the rest of the prospective field in the Republican Party for the 2016 Presidential Nomination look. It’s important to note that I do not necessarily like or dislike any of these candidates, but let’s be honest about their shortcomings.

Organized by last weekend’s CPAC Straw Poll results:

  • Senator Rand Paul (31%) - He owns the evolved and resolute base of his father’s grassroots army, has already raised millions for Rand Pac (eligible monies for 2016 Presidential) and is now making the rest of the field look like protest votes, at best.
  • Senator Ted Cruz (11%) - Cruz is still glad-handing with the Pauls, which he’s done for years (smart guy), but now the knife is no longer in his boot, it’s in his left hand. That’s most likely because he realized he’s working the same battle plan as Rand, but without the cavalry behind him. Arranging Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan atop the modern conservative mantle during his CPAC speech was a nice olive branch to offer Rand and his supporters. However, going on the Sunday shows less than 48 hours later to call Rand’s foreign policy “questionable” left little doubt that the knife-in-back strategy was still Cruz’s modus operandi. A 20 point deficit is not going to be overcome with negative campaigning, so Cruz is smart enough to realize 2020 or 2024 are his best bets.
  • Dr. Ben Carson (9%) - Who? If this budding distraction of a campaign doesn’t already have the rubbery smell of astroturf to you yet, I don’t trust your political instincts. If Dr. Ben does run, I hope he enjoys being danced around like a marionette and then thrown in the trash heap when all the money he raises is used up by March of 2016. Cheers!
  • Governor Chris Christie (8%) - The fat man lives to fight another day. For all of his recent problems, Christie was able to make it through an entire bland speech, which was all comfort food to nourish his base supporters who have been starving for good news. I have to be honest, I have no idea what Christie is running on, other than Koch money and Dunkin. Don’t be fooled by all the cash. It can obviously keep a campaign going in perpetuity, but just ask Newt how quickly billionaire bucks disappear when you’re not getting traction. At 8%, he has a big hill to climb and “Bridgegate” still stands in his way. With 30 months left until the nomination and this many problems already, it’s not going to happen for Christie.

Missing from this post is Rick Santorum (7%) Senator Marco Rubio (6%) and Sarah Palin (2%) because frankly, these people have zero chance at the nomination, especially Santorum. It would be nice if Rick, in particular, could find a job and leave all of us alone. Rubio and Palin would make nice V.P. picks for any of the top candidates, including Jeb Bush who would be a big factor if he jumps in.

If you need more (video) evidence that the Republican Party is going Rand’s way and returning to its Reagan roots, I ask you to please consider the following:

Johnny’s never been a huge fan of McCain, other than during the ‘08 election, but even that was a flop.

Now instead of keeping his mouth shut like he should have, McCain is giving Barack Obama and Eric Holder cover by calling Rand Paul a “Wacko Bird.” Sorry McCain… Rand, Cruz, Lee and Rubio are right.

Now you look like the tyrant when it was Obama and Holder that your party’s young leadership was targeting.

I have a feeling a lot of Team R is going to be avoiding eye contact with McCain until his departure in 2016.

Johnny’s actually going to turn on the television and watch something that isn’t football tonight. Worse yet, I’m going to have to listen to brown-nosing Jay Leno.
Dr. Paul will make it worthwhile, but is there really going to be a big announcement?

Johnny’s actually going to turn on the television and watch something that isn’t football tonight. Worse yet, I’m going to have to listen to brown-nosing Jay Leno.

Dr. Paul will make it worthwhile, but is there really going to be a big announcement?

I’ve been observing the Ben Quayle (R - District 3) vs David Schweikert (R - District 5) duke it out for the newly drawn district 6 Republican primary since the beginning of the cycle. Thus far it’s been incredibly boring because neither campaign wanted to be aggressive in the media or really anywhere else for that matter.

It’s typical of Republicans to be afraid to attack because they seem to think being polite will somehow get them what they want in a winner-take-all world like politics.

That being said, the gloves have come off slightly in the last week or so. Neither side has tried on their brass knuckles, but the political hyperbole (yes, I just typed that) has been ratcheted up tremendously.

What I received in my inbox yesterday from the Quayle campaign was full of so much wordplay that Poe would probably have gone mad trying to take it all in.

I added some commentary, boldened my personal favorites and shortened it up a bit, but this monstrosity speaks for itself.


…Utilizing every form of communication, the Schweikert campaign forges ahead with propaganda, telling Republican voters that District 6 belongs to Dave and Ben Quayle is an intruder.

(Edited for length. Seriously, this thing was a monster)

The larger problem with our opposing campaign is not that of district lines and housing locations. The problem is that a candidate seeking a high federal office has a habit of trafficking in deception.

Time and time again, the record shows that when publicly challenged or at a loss for an answer, Rep. Schweikert shows a mind well trained for mendacity.

Dave is really just another case study in the career politician. He has been running for office nearly non-stop for almost a quarter century. He first started running when Ben Quayle was 13 years old.

(No comment about what then 13 yr old BQ was up to)

He longs for public office – needs it – a lot more than it needs him. And like most people his long years in politics have not made him a more honest person.

They have made him increasingly comfortable with manipulation, rhetorical sleight of hand and outright lies, to the point that he now wears these things like an old shoe.

They take him from place to place, carry him along on a light step of convenient falsehood in service of his political ambition.

The real import of all this is not only what it tells us about Dave Schweikert’s integrity. It tells us something about his philosophy.

(Dramatic Pause)

Dave is not really a conservative.

Conservatives know that truth, in the end, is the thing that really matters.

A “conservative” who traffics in deception and manipulation isn’t really a conservative at all. He’s a poser. He’s not serving the cause.

(Pause, deep breath and lean forward, ever so slightly)

He’s serving himself.

There’s really no reason to even take a side in this race anymore, other than hoping for more dramatics from the Quayle campaign. I don’t think I can ever write a political piece again after reading that.

Anyway, Congressman Schweikert, you do whatever it takes to push the same buttons in your opponents camp because that little newsletter update from their side was the stuff of legends.

I’ve had a political scientist look that letter over and analyze important benchmarks like syllable-per-word ratios, commas-per-sentence and other statistical measures.

Long story short, he said the whole thing could be scientifically proven to be the most ridiculous campaign e-mail ever. I don’t like to get into stats, but that’s pretty impressive.

I’ll be patiently staring at my inbox waiting for more, so don’t hold back!

The AZ Republic has come out and absolutely nailed their endorsement in the crowded field of Arizona’s brand new congressional district and given their stamp of approval to Martin Sepulveda.

Martin’s been surging in the polls and made this a two man race in the last 6-8 weeks. It’s encouraging to see the only candidate with true conservative values (and the only one who could win the general election) get credit from the state’s largest print and online pub.

This country witnessed history on Wednesday,  no doubt about it. As predicted, H.R. 459 passed through the U.S. House of Representatives with tremendous fury.

It really didn’t come as a huge surprise because this piece of legislation was the cornerstone of Dr. Ron Paul’s political career. Political junkies (like Johnny) who were watching on C-Span witnessed the passage by a 2/3s majority with more than a minute left to turn in votes and dozens of congresspersons who had yet to turn theirs in.

To put it bluntly, it was a friggin landslide.

This moment was definitely historic and a tangible victory for the Liberty Movement. Ron Paul’s R3volution, including the monstrous PAC he founded in 2008, Campaign for Liberty, had just forced most of congress to stick a sharp dagger in the side of the private bank which funded the institutions who contribute the vast majority of funds to their campaigns.

It was the dog biting the hand of the incredibly arrogant master. In my state of Arizona, every single member of congress voted for Ron Paul’s audit of the central bank.

The reality check came quickly however. Senate majority leader Harry Reid is now standing in the way of the Senate’s version even hitting the floor for a vote. He’s playing his role of typical partisan hack, who as recently as 2010 was calling for the same type of audit and claimed he had done so as far back as 1987.

I’m not sure how this man has continued to reign over the good people of NV, but he’s now standing in the way of history and frankly needs to be absolutely crushed by a massive phone/fax/email bomb.

The video below is just about all the motivation anyone on either side of the political spectrum should need to call him out.

5 years ago most Americans didn’t even know what the Fed actually was (probably thought it just meant “federal government) and also had no idea it was privately owned.

Next week the Congress can do the right thing and order an audit. They’ll need a 2/3’s majority since the bill is not amendable before the first vote.

If nothing else, we’ll find out whose really on the take from the scummy central bankers headed by Ben Bernanke.

You can bet Campaign for Liberty will be knocking down doors, blasting phone lines, emails and fax machines for the next week or so.

This is huge.

This is a company in Johnny’s neighborhood that couldn’t be more pathetic. Their rub is to videotape you driving down the road, mess up signal timing and then bend crash stats to support their agenda.

They love to pop up on my Facebook when some horrific tragedy happens with reminders to “be safe.” Yeah, American Traffic Solutions, we’re sure trying, but it makes diriving a lot more difficult when your company puts flashing birdhouses all over our intersections and then shortens the yellow light to boost revenue.

It would be nice if you all would move to communist China where the people actually support this sort of tyranny.

BTW, you don’t have to pay these psuedo-tickets from ATS, in case that was in any doubt. [source]

I caught the debate for Congressional District 9 in AZ last night. Vernon Parker seems to think that people are just going to forget about his ethical problems and termination from the SBA because he’s now suing the Federal Gov’t ($2 Million) for pain and suffering.

Nice try, Vernon.

[Article about Vernon’s lawsuit against Uncle Sam]

[Federal Docket]

[Parker’s termination from the SBA]


Ron Paul: There’s “No Way” I’m Ready to Endorse Romney

READ BETWEEN THE LINES… or not. Either way, Johnny knows what’s being said here by the Good Dr. -JG


Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) channels Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper in a press availability with reporters. twitter: @toddzwillich

So, Harry Reid’s idea of "shooting down" a reporter is using the words “clown” and “bro.” Glad to see Nevada is such a bastion of enlightened thought, BRO. -JG

Johnny’s on this list. If you’re not, I suggest you find a way to add yourself ASAP! ;) -JG

This is how Johnny spent his Saturday night, watching delegate ballots being counted in Arizona. You’re welcome, America.

This is how Johnny spent his Saturday night, watching delegate ballots being counted in Arizona. You’re welcome, America.

Coming to Arizona this weekend. -JG